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Mary Greenpool

"Mary Greenpool loves to mix and match materials to create mosaics that are eye catching and functional...the result is far from ordinary." Boulder County Business Report 3/07



Mary Greenpool is a master artisan who specializes in tile mosaics. Mary has worked for more than a decade in Colorado as a tile contractor. She uses the technical knowledge and expertise acquired during her career, with an artistic vision to create unique patterns and mosaics for residential floors and countertops. Mary's ability to join technically precise and sophisticated methods of tile and mosaic with her love of design define her as a unique designer and craftsperson. Forming Artisan Tile Worx has allowed Mary to join the visually beautiful elements of her work - stone, water and metal.

Mary has long loved the physical materials with which she works, starting her career as a geologist. From there she earned a master's degree in cultural anthropology, which provided her with an appreciation of how these values and symbols are expressed artistically. And by traveling throughout Europe, she gained a firsthand view of the many ways in which stone can be used to beautify buildings, ranging from simple homes to grand cathedrals. She brings this unique combination of sensibilities to her work.

Her styles represent a wide variety of influences, including modern interpretations of abstract artists such as Kandinksy
to formal geometric patterns drawn from the Byzantine floors of St. Mark’s Cathedral in Venice
to floral and representational work, drawn from buildings such as the Taj Mahal
Her range of artistic styles is equaled by the range of techniques she uses, from formal mosaic
to inlay to shard techniques.

Mary welcomes her client’s input and participation in the process of creating a shared vision of the finished piece.



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